#The Year of You

I think the new year is the perfect time for me to start my new blog.  As they say, “new year, new you,” right?
New Year’s resolutions to me, have such a negative connotation to them. In reality, how many people actually succeed in maintaining their resolution. Please don’t get me wrong, if you do more power to you but I prefer to put a different twist to... “THIS IS MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION.”
As commonly stated, the only constant in life is change so I invite you all to try a different technique for the new year.
How about setting an INTENTION for yourself in 2016 by focusing on a phrase or a word. Take some time and truly think about what word or phrase will best describe you in 2016.
My phrase is “To be FIERCE “ and no it’s not because I just dyed my hair red or because of Beyonce! However I have been feeling such a strong presence to be this "girl on fire" for the many transitions happening in my life. If you are like me and are a visual person then I say create a mood board for your year or re-read your journal so you can acknowledge what paths you have been through. Do whatever makes your creative juices flow and always, always speak from the heart.
So now that your word or catch phrase is set, its time for you to draw the outline of your new year. Start by thinking about your life in categories and set intentions to go along with your word or phrase. For example look at my chart below and please have fun with it. Use different shapes, pictures and colors! After all this is your life chart.

After you have completed the chart then your next move is to combine your word or phrase with your categories. One sentence will suffice.
- In 2016 I will be a fierce warrior to make my body strong. I want to be lean and toned.
- In 2016 I will be fierce in my yoga learnings. I am doing a 2 week long yoga immersion and my heart will be opened to the universe in its entirety for me to absorb the practices that I need to better enhance both my personal and professional life. 
- In 2016 I will be fierce with my coaching clients. I will come into every session clear minded and ready to embark on whatever the client's journey requires of me.
- In 2016 I will be fierce in my relationships. Now although fierce means to be strong, I am actually looking to be powerful in understanding what my relationships need and have the strength to take myself there.
Please don’t expect to check these off by the end of the year. This is more of a lifestyle and in doing so you are setting yourself up for success. The categories may change as you start embodying your phrase and that’s ok. Shifts will happen and it is all part of the journey!
I want you to start having the understanding and vision of who and what you want to be, starting 2016. This will also help you to understand the areas you may need support with.
Well in less than 48 hours we will all have said goodbye to 2015 and Aloha to 2016!!!
I want this year to be the best year yet and you and only YOU have that power to make it so.
Wishing Everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Audrey Elise