The ACT of Letting Go

So it would seem when asked the question "What is your favorite season?" Most people including myself would say Fall. I adore Fall for many reasons but my number one reason would be how picturesque the trees look when they are in transition. Funny right? That most people would pick the season that is in change or has the biggest transition. When most of us fall (no pun intended) into the category of feeling very uncomfortable with transition or change in their own lives.
 Now I realize that most of us including myself have preconceived notions on how we need to be or act that is far from OUR TRUTH. This goes across the board from mothers, career women, men, etc, etc. We have all been guilty of going with the crowd because well that was just the easiest thing to do. Not realizing that you are chipping away at your best qualities.
The qualities that no one else possess. The qualities that set you apart from the rest. Authenticity my friend will set you free.
In honor of my favorite season I ask only one thing of you. Let go of what you think you have to be and act and just be. See the tree is at peace when it lets go of its leaves. The leaves change color and then wither away leaving the tree bare and naked. But guess what? Come Spring the tree will flourish and the process will begin again.
Let's give ourselves a break and live in our truth. For me it's owning that I will never be that cookie cutter mom. That I probably will never run a 3:30:00 marathon and that at some moments I miss my old life. The one i had before I was "mom".  But guess what I am? A mother who loves dancing with her son and can make him laugh like no one else can. A dedicated runner who doesn't stress over her time and enjoys every moment of training with friends and the special memories it brings. I am a mom who is not afraid to say "Hey this thing called motherhood as wonderful as it is, is freaking hard and there is no shame in my game. I am happy being myself. I happy with my good parts and my not so good parts. I have freed myself of all these things society states I should be and I just am. 
That being said do yourself a favor and let each judgment or idea that does not serve you go. This process is just as beautiful as the Fall season. This process will set you free and heal you. 
Sending you lot's of courage and self love to let the healing begin,

Audrey Elise