Who are YOU going to BE?

As celebrations were underway for my son's 3rd birthday I found myself pondering about life and what the world is becoming. I questioned all of my parenting skills as I know how hard the world can be. 
I went to the beach to meditate and came up with the same answers to the same questions that are important to me...
 * How I want to be in this world?
*  What kind of young man I want my son to be?
This is what I concluded and its not just for myself and my son. This is my wish for ALL.
* The Sky is the Limit- The only one that holds you back from your dreams is YOU. Dare to Dream and Dream Big. Change the world in some way. We all have it in us.
* Don't let Fear get in the way of LIVING- I can honestly say my best moments have been when I have pushed aside the fear in me and have just had a leap of faith. Trust yourself but also challenge yourself on a daily basis.
* Be Kind- No matter race,age, sex, class. Be kind to Everyone. The world needs more love not hate. We need to have our differences unite us not tear us apart. Imagine how the world would be if everyone was the same? SNOOZE fest!!
*Be your own person- After all there is only one of you so don't change that. Stand up for what you value. Not agreeing with things does not make you a bad or negative person. It makes you opinionated and as long as you are ok with people not agreeing with you or you having to explain yourself then SPEAK AWAY! We all know I do! :)
*Lead from Love- Whatever it is you're doing make sure to do it with love. Love wins always! 
*Don't be afraid to cry- Crying is not a sign of weakness. It is in fact a sign of strength. To be aware of your feelings, to show them, to release them, that helps to heal you.
*Accepting Change- Although scary the only way to be forever evolving is to accept that things will never stay the same. The universe will always have lessons for us and we will be tested. I truly believe that our character is not really shown until we are pushed to our limits. 
So who do you want to be when life pushes you? What imprint do you want to leave on this world?
Sending Love and Light to ALL

Audrey Elise