Taking the BIG leap into 34.. Literally

So this weekend I turned 34 and I wanted to do something big. Screw the same old birthday party and dinner with friends. I wanted to express somehow how awesome I was feeling about all the transitions that have happened over the past year. So many changes have occurred not only in the physical sense, job, move, etc but spiritually as well.  It is crazy in one year how a person can change. The Jasmine of 33 would probably not recognize Jasmine at 34. 
See, people usually make life decisions based out of fear. Now this past year I have been doing the complete opposite. Every decision has made me uncomfortable, nauseous, scared but the journey although rough at times has been rewarding.
To continue this momentum or as a like to call it " My Fearless Warrior" attitude I wanted to do actual physical acts that would push me outside my comfort zone.
I thought to myself-"what would be one if the scariest things I could do?" Light Bulb came up and skydiving popped in my head. I always wanted to do it but always found reasons not to. 
-I am an asthmatic- I will die of an asthma attack
-I have a fear of heights- what if i have a heart attack?
- Oh I am a mother now I can't do things like that. 
I pushed all those thoughts outside of my head and signed up to skydive and not only skydive but to do it alone. I did not want to have anyone trying to calm me down or supporting me. I wanted to do this alone. Conquer my fear and also practice the art of noticing what my head is telling me and how to just let it go. When you have friends or family around sometimes it overshadows your emotions and feelings.
So the day of I basically signed my life away. I chose not to read what I was signing because the little pieces I did read were not pretty about the place not being liable for broken bones or death, blah blah blah.(not what I wanted to see at that moment)
I was suited up and met Scott the guy who I would ultimately put my trust in bringing me down 13,000 feet safely. As we sat on the tiny plane this is when I had the "OH SHIT" moment. This is really happening and there is no going back. I started to feel sick and my hands were clammy. But I told myself to be in the moment. That all my fears were just thought bubbles and one by one I started to pop them.  
All of a sudden Scott gets up and says "let's do this!".
Well needless to say the picture says it all.
It was such a mind blowing experience for the first time in my life I felt so free. I wasn't in control and I was 100 percent ok with that. Actually, this control freak loved the fact that she wasn't in control and how beautiful it was to feel no heaviness, I was not thinking of anything but how beautiful San Diego looked from this high up. 
No broken bones, no asthma attack I am alive to tell the tale. This has actually inspired me to start a video series of fear and how it paralyses you into not making the best choices for yourself. There will also be a challenge coming up on my youtube channel so stay tuned!!
Wishing everyone the act of fearless actions!
Much love and light,

Audrey Elise