The ONE mind shifting benefit in showing Gratitude everyday

The hardest thing a person can do when they are facing challenging times or striving to achieve what seems to be an impossible goal is to "look on the bright side". I used to cringe at the very mutter of the words "Jasmine just be grateful for what you have". I just couldn't understand what that had to do with my future ambitions, as I was grateful for what I had or so I thought, I just wanted to accomplish more. It was not until recently that I was able to understand the true art of gratitude and how it can benefit not only your mental state but aid you in achieving your future goals.
For years my gratitude was focused on the ebb and flow of life and it was hard to keep it consistent. The highs were really high and when the lows came it was very hard not to feel disappointed and frustrated.
That is until I realized I needed to move into a deeper level of gratitude. Instead of basing my gratitude on what I had received throughout the day I started to be grateful for what I had already in my life.
For example:
2015/2016 was the year I left my corporate job and decided to go back to school and focus on a new career. For one year I had my nose in books and was really focused on the next chapter in my career.
This was the first time in over 15 years that I did not have a full time paying job and It felt weird to me even though I knew my end goal was to eventually start my own business.
However in that present moment I did not have a successful paying coaching career and I found myself being very negative and focused on where I should be and where I wanted to be and nothing else.
What I should have done is SHOWN GRATITUDE IN THE MOMENT. You see towards the end of my career in Corporate America I was severely burned out. Mind you at that time I also worked for 20 years of my life nonstop so I should have welcomed the break. I should have shown gratitude for the much needed rest. The fact that I had the luxury of being able to enjoy a beautiful run in the park on a random Wednesday at 2pm just because I wanted to. Gratitude towards my husband because without his support I could have never left my job to pursue other dreams. Gratitude that I was able to have more time with my son who was growing up before my eyes. Gratitude for the quality time I was able to have with friends and family without feeling rushed and actually having time to explore new friendships. 
Now how can this change and benefit not only your health but your mindset?
When you choose to make a conscious effort everyday to stay grateful you are reprogramming your brain to think positive thoughts. If practiced everyday eventually this will come naturally and then the "negative blocks" you had will slowly disappear. Less Negativity equals less stress. Then you are free to manifest your desires. Be specific with your intention, you already have the positive energy flowing inside of you. You will see how once your outlook changes you align yourself more with your purpose. Of course this does not mean that you will receive everything you want but by showing gratitude you won't be bothered by those minor hiccups along the journey of life.
Wishing Everyone the Strength to Find Gratitude in times when we need it the most!

Audrey Elise