The Mind, Body & Soul Connection: What Life Alchemy Means To Me


It’s no secret that stress and burnout are affecting American adults more today than ever before. Yet while the problem is very real for everyone, women, and mothers especially, are feeling the tension on a whole other level.

A study from the University of Kansas found that women are burning out faster than their male counterparts, with women reporting higher levels of feeling overloaded. When you look at the top three major players causing the most stress among American adults — money, career, and family responsibilities — it’s no wonder that women are feeling the fire to a greater extent..

Women are embracing their roles as breadwinners and family matriarchs, and living their lives according to the ‘lean in’ mentality. But the pressure to perform in the workplace, to be the perfect mom, and to juggle various relationships, activities, and social niceties can be overwhelming — and frankly, impossible at times.

If the hustle to keep up with any or all of the above sounds like something you’re struggling with, know that I’ve been there. And know that I can help.

If you’ve found yourself feeling burnt out, either from your workplace, or your role as a mother, or both; or if you’re feeling stressed by society and loved one’s expectations of how you should live your life; or if you’re generally feeling overwhelmed with how to handle everything life is throwing your way, I can help you.

I too have had my own struggles with anxiety, with PTSD, with burnout, with Postpartum Depression, and with the transition from career woman to motherhood. A few years back, I was feeling overwhelmed by my new role as a mother, my corporate America job, and the complexities of everyday life. I left my job, but still felt unsettled, so I moved to the West Coast with my family in search of a more settled and peaceful life.

It is through my own experience of healing, during which I learned that there’s no one template you need to follow to live your life, that I discovered the powerful impact an outside third party — a guide, if you will — can have on your transformative journey.

As a life alchemist, I rely heavily on the mantra, “True healing must happen from within.” That’s because life is unpredictable. It’s full of constant change, and is often chaotic. I don’t want anyone to have to struggle to heal from burnout, or take a long, winding path to redemption during their transition to motherhood like I did. That’s why I use life alchemy to help you slow down in an overworked, excessively busy world. I can help you find inner peace to balance out whatever calamity may be happening outside your body.

Life alchemy is about digging deep and allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable so you can answer questions like, ‘Why am I feeling this way?’ and, ‘Why is this a trigger for me?’. Only after you’ve fully explored and addressed your fears and personal challenges can you truly understand yourself, and trust yourself and your journey. By addressing and healing each segment of your life — from mental blocks, to physical shortcomings, to emotional trauma —our minds, bodies and souls can function together in harmony, silencing those inner negative thoughts and the noise of the outside world.

Today, I use the tools and techniques I’ve harnessed throughout my own transformative experience — from therapy, to holistic practices, to personal training, to energy healing — to help you set the foundation of how you treat yourself, and in turn, how others treat you.

By creating a strong bond between your mind, body and soul, you will feel more confident both inside and out. With self-love and self-trust, your transitions will be more seamless, and your life will be fuller. Together, we can stop burnout.

Let’s begin with you.