My Version of Eat, Pray, Love

How my 10 day yoga immersion inspired me.
Ok so it has been a week since I completed my 200 LOAY teacher training in NYC. I chose to study under Guru Sri Dharma Mittra and do my 200 hours in what they called a yoga immersion.
Go big or go home, right?
It was an intense, physically and mentally demanding course that went on for 10 days straight. We were a group of about 30. All coming from all over the world and at different points in our lives. We all had different reasons for being there and I vividly remember on my first day of class feeling a bit intimidated as most of my classmates practiced yoga every day for years.
I didn’t choose to do this to become a yoga teacher or to work on my yoga postures. I do love yoga and it has become a part of my workout regime. I think it is a great tool to relax the mind and stretch out the muscles but I was more interested in what this particular yoga stood for.
As a life coach I arm my clients with self-love and awareness to go through really tough major life transitions. The act alone of self- awareness leads my clients into a state of self-realization.
The philosophy of Dharma yoga is all centered on self- realization. I wanted to heighten my senses and deepen my awareness on how to better assist my clients on their journey.
Hours upon hours of yoga sequences , breathing techniques and meditation; I felt that the world stood still and time did not pass. My classmates all of a sudden were no longer strangers but part of my family. We were all one going through it. I think even those who were there just to be teacher certified realized they had stumbled upon something very special.
Some people think you have to travel the world, go to Bali and all these exotic places to find yourself and although I am sure it is an experience to remember the only place you have to go to is within yourself.
The transformation happens within, no matter where you are. Once you let go of the ego, seek help and do the work. There is that light at the end of the tunnel. We all just have to be receptive to our inner truth.
This experience I will be forever grateful for and I am happy to now have more people that I can call family.
I am looking forward to taking my learnings and applying them.There can be only better things to come from it.
Wishing Everyone a Peaceful Mind and an Open Heart

Audrey Elise