Cup of Self Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I would like to write on the topic of LOVE. No it’s not the romantic love that everyone naturally thinks of regarding this holiday. You won't read anything on finding your true love here. It’s speaking on the more important love that we all struggle with from time to time. I am referring to SELF LOVE.
I truly believe that the first step to manifesting any of our wants is by having a great relationship with ourselves. Being honest with yourself and loving every aspect of you. This means the good the bad, and the ugly.
Now every person is different so this may mean something different to each reader. Here are a few ways to ensure that you are really getting to your core self and adoring it.
Meditate – Take some time each morning to have a cup of tea with yourself. Say a prayer, take yourself out for a run or walk. Have a good conversation with yourself to start the day. This way you are in tuned with what you need to make it a good day.
Ego Boost- Do something you are great at and celebrate it with friends and family. It could be anything from running a race to cooking a really good meal.
“Spring Cleaning”- We don’t have to wait until Spring to get rid of old stuff. You are making space for new and better things to come your way. So start cleaning that closet out today!
Make a list- Make a list of all the positive things that are working for you at this moment.  When you read it aloud to yourself that thing that you were just complaining about will seem so small to all the wonderful things happening to you.
Stop Comparing- At the end of the day we all are born, live, and die. No one can escape that. You are just wasting good energy on someone else when you should be putting all your energy on living a more meaningful life.
Learn the act of Letting GO-  Understand what is not working for you and have the courage to say goodbye to it. This could be a relationship, a career and everything in between.
And so this all circles back to my first point. When you truly take the time to sit in your own company you will be amazed what you discover about yourself. After all a good and healthy loving relationship with someone first needs to start with you. All relationships you have is a direct reflection on the relationship you have with yourself.
So whether you are single, in a relationship, or married I am wishing everyone endless amounts of love for the 14th. After all WE ALL DESERVE IT!

Audrey Elise