Happy Mom, Happy Child

Coping with Major Life Transformations Part 1- Motherhood
I think it is safe to say that we all go through transitions in life. Some harder than others. Today I would like to talk to all the mothers and future mothers of the world about the transition into motherhood.
This is by far the most rewarding and yet the hardest thing we as women will have to endure.
In an instant we go from being this care free person to now tending to a baby nonstop.
The ugly truth that no mother wants to admit is that we are not Super Woman. There will be days that you just want to sleep, maybe take a shower; just take a break to cry over pure exhaustion. We go from zero to a thousand and it’s a hard thing to adjust to and it takes time. That’s why so many women are suffering more and more from P.P.D.
I as a coach and mother would like to share a few tips so that you can look in the mirror and see what your kids see. THE BEST MOM EVER!
Give yourself a break! We can be our own worst enemies. There are no set guidelines on what makes a good mother. Do not compare yourself to anyone. The beautiful thing about this universe is we are all made differently. That being said your journey with your child will be different to anyone else’s.
Be kind to yourself. If you are diagnosed with P.P.D understand that this just makes you human. Give yourself time to adjust to this major life shift. Talk with friends and family. This is no longer a taboo topic and they are so many support groups at your disposal. Take advantage of the help where you can.
I would like to change the saying “happy wife, happy life” to “HAPPY MOTHER, HAPPY CHILD” What do I mean by this? You have to reclaim your sense of self. This by no means is an easy task. As a mom you will feel guilt and sadness over spending even an hour away from your baby. Trust me you need to rekindle the relationship with yourself this will be KEY to your happiness and success. Try to remember what your old self use to love doing and take some time out of the week to do it. For example: I am a runner. I had a horrible C-section delivery and my baby was born just before we were hit with the polar vortex of 2014.  That being said I needed a break and my girlfriend was training for the Boston Marathon at the time. I told her I would keep her company once  a week during her training runs.  I did and it felt amazing even if I was frozen to the core because this was a part of me that I not only loved but didn’t want to lose.
Now I am just scratching the surface with this and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. This topic is very dear to my heart and I want every woman to have the best experience they possibly can and to be aware of the challenges so you are better equipped with dealing with this beautiful experience called MOTHERHOOD.
I am wishing you much Happiness and MANY MANY years of laughter with your child.

Audrey Elise