What happens at the end of happily ever after?

 I don't know about you but do you ever wonder what happens after the "and they lived happily ever after?"
Over a year ago I found myself wondering hmmm I reached all my goals I set out to in my twenties but what else is there? This can't be it? I peaked at 29 and now I will live this groundhogs day of a life for the rest of my life? 
Please don't get me wrong I loved my life. Living in NYC, on the Upper West Side with Central Park as my backyard. Traveling the world for work, backstage at fashion shows with amazing talents and making so many wonderful memories. 
This was what my 21 year old self had dreamed of but now the thirty something Jasmine was craving more. What was that more though?
Seemed strange to people and even myself at times that I was reinventing myself at this age. But why is that? Aren't we suppose to evolve? Why are people so fearful of change? Of stepping into the abyss and seeing what else is out there.
 The past year was filled with a lot of challenges. For some reason my decision stirred up a lot of emotions within people around me. I know understand that it was just projection of their own fears and realities about their lives. Everyday I would talk about it as if I was already there. Trying to manifest it, trying to make people understand this was actually going to happen. I had many of my NY buddies ask "why"? and my response was just "because it's time for me to go".
I enjoyed my twenties. I loved living in the city. NY will always have a special place in my heart but I made the leap and moved to San Diego just last week.
I find it funny now that I am in California the locals ask me why did I ever move from the Big Apple to S.D and I just answer them with a smile "just because".
So here is where the end is also my new beginning. I know start my days with why not instead of why. I am embracing what this city has to offer and who knows what will happen next. That's the best part, you and only you are in control of where you take yourself. 
Do dream big, and DO YOU no matter what people say. When you accomplish those dreams continue on dreaming up some more. After all there is an entire story after the happily ever after........

Audrey Elise