The BE Tour

The BE Tour


The Be Tour is the quintessential personal enrichment event company in the world. Like-hearted change makers provide panel discussions and workshops that focus on how to fulfill and surpass our most beautiful hopes, dreams, wishes and desires to make the world a better place.

Like a magic dragonfly touching down lightly on a pool of live-saving water, the ideas, solutions and kindnesses we bring forth ripple from Be Tourparticipants, to their families, to their communities, and to the world. We all enrich and are enriched in the Love and Light of the Be Tour.

In city after city around the world, in positive ripples of kindness and caring, inspiration and growth, these words ring out:

It is time … it is the time … it is our time … it is your time …to BE.

Who do you want to BEcome?

Are your ready to BE more effective as a person, business owner, inspired leader?

  • Learn simple mindset shifts that spark personal joy and strengthen relationships in your family and business

  • Learn purpose-driven communication skills to enhance your effectiveness and leadership

  • Learn to tap into your dreams to harness your superpower gifts and inspire others

  • Learn how the power of collective genius and creativity can reshape communities and build bridges of trust, wisdom and love

Food and Beverage provided.

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