Now that you’ve learned about me and what I offer, you may be wondering, “what the HECK is Reiki?” I’m So glad you asked!


The Roots of Reiki

Like so many forms of alternative wellness practices just beginning to rise in popularity in America today, Reiki is actually a Japanese modality dating back to the early 1920s. Reiki, pronounced ‘Ray-Key,’ translates to “universal life energy,” which we’re all made up of.


Reiki works to move energy around to trigger memories that have been hiding away so that they can be processed, while also uncovering blocks and deeper wounds.

Think of it like cleaning out your attic, it’s not always fun or easy, but is so worth it when you discover the treasures within!

What You Can Expect

Reiki is a hands-on technique that is gentle and non-invasive. During the session, you’ll be fully clothed and lying on a massage table. Good energy is transferred from practitioner (me) to client (you) through gentle hovering or light pressure touch, using traditional hand positions. This process enables blocked energy to be released and targeted healing where you need it most.

Sometimes, depending on the client and concern, I’ll also add other tools like crystals and essential oils, which can further deepen the work.

long distance reiki

Many clients ask me if Reiki is as effective over the phone. My answer? Absolutely! We are all made up of energy-matter (aka Chi, Qi, or Prana), and therefore, are all connected. By directing our thoughts and energy, Reiki can be performed across any distance as long as the recipient is open to receiving.

How You’ll Feel

my clients experience all sorts of different feelings and sensations after a session. You’ll often uncover and release something, which results in a sense of calm and ease for most. After a session many people report having an amazing night of sleep, as if they’ve just run a marathon of mind and soul and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Who is Reiki Right For?

I haven’t met a person yet that Reiki didn’t benefit. Truly! Energy work is no joke (which is why it’s now being recognized and used in hospital and medical care settings, as well). Reiki facilitates healing and creates an ideal environment to do so.

Many of my clients are:

  • Mamas + Mamas to be- I highly recommend Reiki during pregnancy (read why here)

  • Those who suffer from stress and anxiety and are looking to compliment other forms of treatment, or try something new

  • Anyone processing grief or big life changes and transitions

  • Women with demanding careers feeling unsure of the direction they’re going

  • Veterans experiencing PTSD

  • Cancer patients in search of pain management

If you’re wondering if Reiki is right for you, or have any questions, please reach out and we can set up a free call to answer questions you may have. Or, you can book an in-person session in Los Angeles, or by phone here.