“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.”

-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



I wasn’t always the Colombian goddess of strength and wisdom that you see before you today.

My road to happiness has been long, and honestly, a bit bumpy -- but I couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences I’ve had.

Born to tough and traditional Colombian parents,abusive behavior became the norm for me in childhood and adolescence, leading to a struggle with anxiety. Without the tools to process these feelings and events, that anxiety quickly morphed into severe PTSD as I embarked on adulthood.

Feelings of fear, shame, and unworthiness started stacking up on top of me as I rose in the ranks of corporate America. I attempted to stuff these feelings down deeper and deeper but found myself increasingly burned out and unhappy.

The birth of my son should’ve been the happiest time of my life, but my anxiety worsened and I struggled with postpartum depression, along with the balancing act of my career and motherhood.

Then I had a huge realization.

events from my past that I had never worked through had finally caught up with me and were affecting every area of my life.

Something had to give and I knew I had to heal my past in order to live fully.

Leaving what I considered to be my dream job as a fashion producer for MAC Cosmetics and moving my family to California was not an easy decision. I was scared and vulnerable, but amongst the palm trees and beautiful scenery, I began a long journey of re-discovering myself, healing old wounds, and embarking on my spiritual path, which ultimately led me to my true calling.

WHat i Do

I’m dedicated to uncovering what’s holding women back in any aspect of their lives, breaking societal and cultural norms that have created negative patterns, and helping them take action steps to reach their goals through support, accountability, energy healing + Coaching.

These days, I’m a single mama living life to the fullest with peace, purpose and immense self-love.

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I’ve been a competitive marathon runner for many years and find running to be a true metaphor for the adventure of life--you may experience setbacks, but each teaches valuable lessons and makes you stronger.

Living a life you love takes dedication, training, practice, and perseverance, which is why I became a coach and healer, to support women on their own unique journey to self-love.

I’m always going to be a work in progress. Truth is, we all are. Many of my clients have told me “ I love working with you because you get me. You’ve been where I am and have changed your life, so I know that I can too.”  I’ve done the work myself and I've developed a unique approach to helping others.

Having completed years of in-depth training and working with hundreds of reiki and coaching clients, it has become my mission to guide women who are working through repressed emotions and feelings, and to help you realize that everything you need is already within you, all you need is the right support and coaching to bring it to the surface and ultimately heal it.

I’m always amazed by the shifts I see in my clients. When I watch them transform from low energy, indecisive and tense, to intuitive, bold, and empowered. That is truly the most rewarding gift.

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If you made it this far you’ve earned some fun facts about yours truly:

  • Celebrity Crush: Oprah! Her drive, energy, and generosity, combined with her take- no- shit attitude are core principles I live by.

  • Happy place: Nature. I have a habit of talking to trees.

  • Past Life: Beauty & Fashion. I love fashion. In my past career, I traveled the World and worked backstage with the biggest in the biz.

  • Hobby: I’m an avid runner! I run yearly marathons and at some point want to train for an IRON MAN.

  • Spirit: I’ve jumped out of an airplane twice and been held at gunpoint.

  • Proudest accomplishments:  Becoming the mom of an amazing son, surviving NYC as a single, independent woman. If you’ve made it there you can make it anywhere.

  • Favorite read: The Alchemist. Hence the quotes hidden around the site (shhh, don’t tell).

  • Humblebrag: I’ve been featured in USA Today, Thrive Global and Bustle for my views on wellness.

  • Listening to: A very wide mix of jams! From SIA to singing bowls, I’m into it!

  • Life motto: Never give up! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Training and Credentials:







Somatic Experiencing techniques STUDIED UNDER KIMBERLY JOHNSON