“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”




Janine Van Aken Lisboa

“Jasmine decodes and shatters ones limiting beliefs that inevitably cause unconscious blocks. It is truly a magical experience to feel her healing energy and the restoration of vital energy in the mind, body, and soul. Jasmine guided me through some major life challenges, reminding me how our feminine energy is designed to handle the most challenging of times and circumstances. Jasmine is fierce, nurturing, strong and compassionate. Her light and energy inspire our own reconnection to our infinite potential. In awe and eternal gratitude to have been coached by Jasmine.”- SOLMARKETING - INVESTIMENTOS TURISTICOS LDA,CEO



"Jasmine is amazing! She truly has a special gift. I've been seeing Jasmine for almost a year and can't imagine going to anyone else for Reiki and coaching. She has helped me through a hard time in my life and honestly I am overwhelmed with the results I've seen. She has taught me so much and continues to guide me through the process of self love and self worth. I am so grateful for Jasmine and I am a forever client." Esthetician, WAX’D BY MICHELLE



"Jasmine Montoya is a force to be reckoned with! She provides a loving and empowering coaching style that will make you feel safe and totally supported and she will does not settle for less than your full potential.. Her honesty, compassion, and fierce love are a unique and powerful combination that helped me break free from old patterns so you can create the life you desire. When you are ready for true change and transformation on all levels... Jasmine is your coach!" - WOMEN'S LIFE AND LEADERSHIP COACH, AUTHOR + SPEAKER


Ali Mae Thompson

“Jasmine delivers truth with grace and reverence. The beautiful wisdom she breathes into life is both ancient and rooted in the here and now. With my highest blessing and respect, I recommend all who feel drawn to her healing light to answer the call. Jasmine is   at supporting women in maneuvering through challenges, shattering limitations and rewriting history in light of love and compassion.”-LIGHTWORKER, - HEALING ARTIST, KUNDALINI YOGA INSTRUCTOR

Alyson B.jpg

Alyson J. Blewett 

"Jasmine is an objective, compassionate and focused coach. She patiently helps you bring things that have been stressful in your life to the surface and gives you tools to deal with pain and make everyday interactions positive. She helps you grow and explore at your pace. She is passionate about helping others become stronger in their relationships and in life. She has a constant smile on her face and is your biggest advocate."- DIRECTOR AT CBRE

Dawn W.jpg

Dawn A. Witte 

"When I think of all of the attributes that I want to have as a mother,  leader, and woman, I look to Jasmine as a role model. Her inner beauty is as stunning as her breathtaking outer beauty. She is a shining example of how to be strong in a hard world while remaining loving, kind, determined, and passionate about what and whom you hold dear. I am so grateful to have been touched by Jasmine's fierce strength and compassion-- she's a beautiful shining light in this world."-  - LIFE MASTERY CONSULTANT WITH THE LIFE MASTERY INSTITUTE, AN INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER, PHILANTHROPIST, HUMANITARIAN, AND AUTHOR OF THE BOOK, “BE…”


Lauren Errico 

Jasmine is smart, warm, determined, supportive, and not afraid to give a healthy dose of tough love when needed. Jasmine is the coach who will help you help yourself to reach your fullest potential. "I’ve been coached by Jasmine for over a year and after being diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune condition she guided and supported me through the most difficult period in my lifeShe helped me through this by teaching me to shift my focus to be more positive and to set realistic goals for myself in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing guidance and an extra push!” - MANAGER AT NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP



“Transition is always scary because of the anxiety of the unknown, which brought me to work with Jasmine. When I first started working with her I was transitioning from one bad work situation into what would become a great opportunity. Jasmine’s coaching was helpful during that time because she reminded me to be mindful of myself, instead of solely focusing on what was happening around me. Her pep talks and exercises,   transition period easier to cope with which decreased my physical pain and anxiety. This was the first time in decades I was able to manage my fear instead of being constantly controlled by it, and for that, I am grateful for Jasmine as a spiritual healer.” - EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT AT TIFFANY & CO.


Emma Parada

“Jasmine is a great leader and she reminds you of the fierce power within you. With her spiritual approach, she will get you to dream big and conquer your fears. She’s committed to helping her clients  be fearless and take a stand to live the life of their wildest dreams.” - WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT LEADER


Joie Cheng

"Jasmine is a powerful, confident, strong coach. She has endured many challenges which helps her to have more compassion for her clients. I am honored to know her and to have been in her presence. I would highly recommend working with her. She is the real deal and is passionate about helping women. " - AUTHOR, COACH, ENERGY HEALER, CIRCLE FACILITATOR


Chong Lee

"Jasmine is a powerhouse. Her bold leadership has been a divine gift to me. If you’re looking for someone who will hold you accountable with fierce love then she is your woman!” - WOMEN’S LIFESTYLE BUSINESS MENTOR


Rebecca Rae Zacharda

"Jasmine is courageous and shows women how to be powerful and loving at the same time.  She is leading the way for all of us to be able to step into our strength and find our voice.  Jasmine is the light that we need to shine on the darkness in all of its forms." -WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT LEADER

Asley Kellogg.jpg


"I had my first Reiki/coaching session with Jasmine today and really wasn’t sure what to expect. Before jumping in she answered my questions and briefly described what I could expect..

During the session, she used very gentle touch on my feet, hands, and head along with essential oils. I don’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed!

After the session, I really appreciated how Jasmine took the time to explain to me what her observations were, what I may experience after energy work, and urged me to keep an open mind. She also gave helpful and empowering feedback on ways to work through energy blocks that came up.

She brought so much valuable insight into the session-- from relationships to finances and pushing past limiting beliefs. She was easy to open up to and definitely has a heart for helping. I highly recommend her for both Reiki and coaching!! "




"My first encounter with Jasmine was at my salon. She walked in one day for a service and we hit it off immediately. Every time I would see her name on my schedule, I would get so excited. We would catch up, talk about life and love and hardships, missing our families, being in a new place. The best way to describe our time in the Salon together is that once she was gone; I always felt a sense of ease and calm the rest of the day/or even week. So, when she suggested I try Reiki; I was totally in! If I felt this good, touching just her hair; then how good would I feel after a session.

I’ve done Reiki with Jasmine twice now. My first time was eye-opening, and the trust that I had built with her in my chair carried through into her space. I felt safe and calm. I cried. I laughed. We talked about things that she and I I felt during the session and came up with a plan to deal with some internal traumas that I hadn’t even considered to be a problem.

The second session was even more awakening, and I feel that I’m beginning to cleanse my heart, soul, and mind from the inside out. My best advice for someone new, trying Reiki for the first time, is to trust yourself, trust Jasmine, and trust the process and be open to anything." HAIR STYLIST THE KERATIN SHOP



“I recently had a Reiki session for myself and my baby to be. I had never heard of this and was so excited about the experience. Jasmines' energy is always so positive and relaxing and I felt very at ease during our session and I'm pretty sure the baby could feel that too!

Jasmine said she and the baby spoke and laughed together. She said the baby is very excited to be here and to meet me. I felt an even stronger connection to my baby during this session and afterward as well. With the every day stresses of life (multiplied in pregnancy) I would recommend having Reiki done while pregnant. It felt like an out of body massage for the heart and soul.” - MAKEUP ARTIST MARISOL MAKEUP